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Providing physiotherapy in South Calgary


In-person and telehealth options available

Educate. Empower. Move.

My goal is to get you moving your best, and get you back to doing the things you love, whatever your goal may be. Whether it is an acute sports injury, a chronic overuse injury, or education and program on injury prevention, I can help. 

I believe in longer appointment times and one-on-one treatments, which includes a thorough assessment, both hands on and observing movement patterns.  Education is first and foremost the foundation for my treatment with patients, along with a strong emphasis on combining manual therapy skills and patient specific exercise and movement to optimally target tissues, optimize movement patterns, restore function, and prevent future injury.

Assessment and treatment options include:

  • Education on injury, treatment options, self-management and exercise. 

  • Manual hands-on therapy

  • Specific progressive and functional exercises related to activity or participation restrictions in life and sport. 

  • Conditioning and preventative rehab 

  • Dry needling and/or acupuncture 

  • Taping

  • Blood flow restriction training

  • Running assessment 

  • Climbing movement assessment

  • Ordering diagnostic imaging if appropriate to ensure appropriate diagnosis and direction of care. 

  • Communication/collaboration with the right health professionals as needed to ensure best care 

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